How To Master Facebook For YOUR Business and Brand!
If you are currently struggling with the CONSTANT changes Facebook keep making and you are just not getting the reach, fans, and leads you want in your business....... Then This Next 2 minutes may change your business forever. Seriously!

  • Are you struggling to get your posts, messages and information out to your fans or maybe you just cant get any new fans to start with?
  • Are you struggling to find cost effective ways to build your following?
  • Are you sick of not having a clear strategy that consistently brings in highly targeted leads to your business?
  • Are you sick of having to PAY A FORTUNE for training on Facebook to find that it is second rate, and the person who is teaching is has little to no SUCCESS themselves on the platform?

Before I revel to you the exact system that can have you generating FREE fans, FREE leads and social reach like you have never seen before. I need to address a couple of VERY important things!

What you are about to see is 100% tried, true and tested. In fact what you are about to see is an accumulation of 4 years of deep in the trenches, over $1,000,000 in Facebook advertising spend, an accumulation of millions of fans and several million reach each and every week.

I share this with you because it is SO IMPORTANT!

There is a new FB expert every single day popping up with their regurgitated product or course that they literally siphoned from “expert A”

And to be frank. Im sick of seeing it. 

But I had two options!

A: Sit and complain about it or…

B: Do something about it.

And as my mother always said. If you are not going to do anything about it, stop complaining. 

So now you can thank my mother ;) 

Hi There,

My name is Brett Campbell. 

Author of Right NOW! and creator and founder of Fit International, Authority Academy and Unleash Your Greatness and the Campbell Media Group (I know, there is lot’s going on there)
But I have to give credit where credit is due.
None of this would have ever happened if it was not for Facebook.

In fact in the last 4 years alone Facebook has helped us:
  • Generated over 450,000 email contacts, millions of fans, and over 45,000 customers globally
  • Built several Facebook fan pages to over 100k fans (1,000,000+ Eco System) 
  • Built and grew a Fitness Franchise from 1 to 35 locations in 6 months
  • We generated 12,564 leads in 24 hours for FREE using a FREE and simple method Facebook gives you access to.
  • Have had multiple high five and six figure product launches
  • Generated over 100K in 24 hours
  • Generate hundreds of thousands of leads using paid and strategic methods
And so much more…

Heck, I even found a plumber and a new landscaper on Facebook, lol, but that’s another story. 

Imagine a world right now without Facebook. 

Would your business survive?

If Facebook was to shut down tomorrow I am sure it would cripple over 98% of businesses. 

What would you do?

How would you cope?

And that right there is the trap that so many businesses are falling into right now!

Want the Solution?

Well that’s EXACTLY what I am going to show you. 

But first I want to share with you:
The 3 Biggest PROBLEMS I See People Make When It Comes To Using Facebook 
For Your Business!

1: REMEMBER! It’s not about how many fans you have and how awesome your status updates are.

It has everything to do with how you take those fans and convert them into paying, staying and referring customers.

Ego metrics are great for your ego. But lets be honest. They don't pay the bills.

2: You are to slow to the party! 

Every event I run, speak at, I hear the same thing. Facebook keep changing their platform, algorithm and their underpants way to frequently. 

I get it.

You can log into Facebook tomorrow and a major update has happened, or similarly to what happened to us in 2013. 

One of our pages was getting tens of thousands of likes, shares etc on every post. Then the very next day. BOOM! 

I literally thought Facebook was broken. 

All of a sudden our posts were lucky to get a couple hundreds likes and shares. 

It was CRAZY! 

It was also around that time that a lot of businesses just gave up using Facebook to its greatest capacity. 

I saw this as an amazing opportunity to capitalise and learn what Facebook want me to. 

Did you read that? 

Learn what Facebook wants me too. And if that means changing tact, trying new things, then that is exactly what I was going to do. Millions of fans later, well, we are here right, your reading this.
BUT don't worry. 

FB Domination is going to give you the shortcuts to help you remain on the cutting edge. 

3: Businesses are not taking advantage of the unbelievable opportunities we have right now. FREE and PAID!

See how we generate hundreds of FREE leads via this single fan page every week. You have all these options available to you as well. 

And NOW I am going to show you how to use them correctly.
What Do These People Have to Say About FB Domination?
Module 1: Facebook Fundamentals
  • Program Overview
  • The #1 Rule of Facebook (This is imperative to understand. Success leaves clues)
  • The Most Under-Utilised Lead-Gen Tool On Facebook (It's right under your nose and so easy to use)
Module 2: Fan Pages
  • How to set up your first Facebook fan page (The best practices to starting a new fan page)
  • Fan Page Fundamentals (9 Strategies to create, build and engage with members) 
  • The 12,564 Lead Method (This method generated 12,564 leads in 24 hours in one of our niches)
  • The Fan Page Scheduler (No more hit and miss posting. Set it up and do it right from the start)
  • No Website Needed (This tool acts like your very own website, right inside Facebook)
  • Viral Thread Formula (Are your posts not reaching many people? Try This)
Module 3: Communities and Groups
  • How To Start a Successful Group (Get Your First 100 Members Begging To Join)
  • 7 Steps To A Successful FB Group (Best practice from building a 18K+ community)
  • The Member Spotlight Formula (This is SO cool. I learnt this from another community and had to share)
  • How To Keep Your Members Coming BACK (Don't let your group turn into a GHOST town)
Module 4: Social Realestate
  • Instant Fans Formula (The fastest fan page growth hack available)
Module 5: Facebook Live Roadmap
  • The Facebook Live Roadmap PT1 (How to effectively use Facebook Live to generate an abundance of leads)
  • The Facebook Live Roadmap Viral Formula PT2 (Taking your Facebook lives to the next level)
  • The Facebook Live Roadmap Viral Formula PT3 (Desktop streaming is now available)
  • The Facebook Live Roadmap Viral Formula PT4 (Create professional interviews using this FREE secret weapon)
  • The Facebook Live Roadmap Viral Formula PT5 (Real life streaming professional Q&A)

 I Am Also Going to Give YOU 2 BONUSES That Are Each Worth 10X The Investment of FB Domination Themselves!
BONUS 1: Social Eco System(TM)
  • The Secrets To MASSIVE Reach, Awareness and Fan Growth (This is a GAME-CHANGER and responsible for thousands of leads a week coming into our business. I know someone who charges 10K to teach this strategy)
BONUS 2: Viral Fan Page Formula
  • Fan Page Viral Video Process PT1 (We used this strategy to grown one page to 100K in 12 weeks)
  • Fan Page Viral Video Re Purposing Process PT2 (Start leveraging the GIANTS and reap the rewards)
Lets address the purple elephant in the room!
Why is this program so cheap?

Crazy right. 

Go search the web right now for products that try and teach you how to use Facebook. 

Firstly, good luck in finding a good one. 

Secondly, you will be hard pressed to find anything under $997. In fact most courses you'll see out there are $1997. 

But here is why I am only making FB Domination only $87. 

Full transparency. 

I want this to literally blow you away.


Well I know if I help you get crazy, quick results, you'll be more than likely to want more help. Facebook is just one component, and it just so happens, I am not a one trick pony. 

I know I can help and have a lot more to share with you.

But before we even start thinking about that. I need to prove it to you. 

And this is how I am. 

At the very least you are getting $1997 worth of training for ONLY $87.

  • The person who wants to learn how to use FACEBOOK more effectively in their business
  • The person who is FRUSTRATED with not knowing what to do when it comes to the Facebook landscape
  • The person who wants shortcuts and systems so they can FAST TRACK their success.
  • MOTIVATED business owners who are wanting to make a change and are READY to do it
  • The person who is NOT TECH SAVVY (Our training videos will step you through what to do)
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